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BeKoool gel sheet, the flagship brand of Kobayashi Healthcare, LLC, is a unique solution for immediately providing cooling relief just where your feverish child needs it.
A package of four Disney-themed "cooling gel" sheets, sized ideally for children's foreheads.  Made to alleviate children's fevers a cool down body temperature, the product lasts up to six hours.
What's in it:  The sheet is water-based, and has a polymer, menthol and some preservatives.
Putting it to use: It's simply a matter of opening the package, taking off the paper backing and attaching the sheet to your forehead.  It adheres very easily and stays on without a problem for hours.  It's also safe to take with fever meds, as the sheets contain no drugs at all!

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Rexall and Lawtons.